I'm Coming Out of Blogging Retirement!!!  

Aloha Friends!

Sorry I have been so non-bloggy, but stand by. I have alot to say and will be posting soon. But for now, I will be spending the next week in lovely San Diego, Ca. What? Comic Con is next week? Yes, yes it is! While the Hubby does his nerdy duties, Me and the kids, yes kids, will be enjoying all that beautiful, sunny Southern California has to offer!!!

Mahalo for checking in!


ps. Maybe you should look up what channel REELZ is on, on your local cable provider? Maybe you'll get a special sneak peek of a certian former Miss Universe on the Miss USA telecast Sunday, July 12th from Baton Rouge, LA! You know, the state where I was crowned Miss USA WAAAYYYY back in 1997. ;)


15 years ago TODAY...

You know I have to thank KITV4 news in Hawaii. They diligently contacted me to schedule a "where are they now" segment for the local Hawaii news..and honestly at the time when I agreed to do it, I really and truly didn't know that May 16th was the actual day I won Miss Universe in 1997. And then I thought, well isn't that strange that I wouldn't remember the actual date my entire life changed? But then I realized well technically it REALLY changed on February 5th 1997 in a city called Shreveport Louisiana. That was when I won Miss USA and well as they say the rest is just 15 years of history ago.

I don't know why I have never marked the anniversary before. I went to my YAHOO calendar to see what I was doing this time last year, turns out nothing out of the why is it that all of a sudden I feel so inclined to pause? Maybe because I am getting older, or that I am a mom now and well milestones seem way more important than before I had a child...I am not sure.

All I DO know is I am GRATEFUL. Grateful for the memory, Grateful for the experience, and ULTIMATELY GRATEFUL to be able to REPRESENT HAWAII NEI...with all the grace, humility, and aloha this Pearl City Tita can muster.

And now...I must make the beds and wash the dishes.

Mahalo for taking the trip down memory lane with me.


malama pono.



Back to The BLOG

Well I guess I am back on the BLOG wagon...after almost a whole year Blogging had turned into BLAHgging as I was dreading having to come up with stuff to write  became like that dreaded essay that needed to be handed in by the end of the week...and by wednesday I was contemplating quitting 8th grade rather then write it..

BUT just like the 8th grade ( which I didn't quit) I am gonna plug on here is a recap of the last year till now...


My son is now 3- which by the way is the new terrible twos...

I am still waging a war against my post baby pounds..exacerbated by the looming Miss Universe appearance in August...

and I still miss Hawaii every single breathing day.


SO let's onward and upward to my favorite topic right now...HAWAII: mind you this is about to get POLLITICAL in nature so the weak of mind and heart should probably not read any further...


I have come out in support of two very important issues in Hawaii right now...and with the impending elections coming up, things are going to get heated.  Here is my heart felt and very public opinion of BOTH.


I am completely for them..I think if two people want to be is THEIR decision and the GOVERNMENT that GOVERNS them has a right to protect their rights EQUALLY with everyone else...if GOD has a problem with their union...he can take it up with THEM HIMSELF at the pearly gates...and in the mean time..they should be able to have their social security benefits and property rights protected and bequeathed to their significant others and children with the same EASE as everyone else.. I am tired of the argument that gets bandied around that same-sex couples can draw up papers to protect their property, health benefits etc...THEY SHOULDN'T HAVE TO....THAT'S WHAT EQUALITY MEANS.

I was born and raised Mormon, and though I no longer practice, and am FULLY aware on the stance of the LDS church as well as most other churches...this isn't a church issue...Churches do not OWN the right to marry...MANY people who don't  even BELIEVEin GOD get married by Justices of the Peace and I don't see churches rallying against THEM.....Equal is Equal and that is just the way I see it. 



Now I know that this is a sore subject...not many things that are dipped in pollitics that have to do with Hawaiians isn't...and this topic it seems is swirling at the piko ( or center) of it all. I believe in the Akaka bill...I have come out as a public supporter of the bill simply because it is the rules by which Hawaiians need to be ma'a ( or familiar with) in order to get ANYTHING done in the Federal System.  Hawaii is part of the United States...and as thus we should be recognized as an indigenous we have access to the same Federal support that Native American's and Native Alaskan's do. PERIOD.  A nation within a nation...soverignty all of it can't really happen without first being RECOGNIZED being at the proverbial table..

I am a member of the Pearl Harbor Hawaiian Civic Club...My parents and grandmother were all charter members of Pearl Harbor Hawaiian Civic Club, my father was a president of the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs and my mother is STILL actively involved in all areas of the as you can see I have been immersed in the civic movement in  Hawaii since BIRTH....I have watched the Hawaiian movement grow and change over the decades..with all it's different complications..but I believe whole heartedly that the Akaka Bill is the first step to helping Hawaiians find their way into the 21st century. We are now a people spread far and wide...many of us do not even have the choice to live on the aina ( the land) anymore..and this bill will allow us all to be a more powerful hui (group) no matter where we physically are.


okay I am stepping off my Soapbox now.



A Pause For The Cause...

I don't think anyone could question my absolute love for my island home of Hawaii...I have been blessed with the privilege of being a Miss Universe, and choose to use that voice to help promote my island home. I have been recently called into question on what raising awareness for Hawaii and tourism there really and truly does for my islands and it's people..and well all I can say to that is that it is- IT's  about the ECONOMY...hello.

I promote Hawaii because Tourism is a Huge part of our economy..and whatever peoples personal ideologies about tourists coming to Hawaii that is THEIR kuleana (PROBLEM) and not mine. I promote Hawaii not for personal gain but to give back to a place that helped shape who I am today. I promote Hawaii for the father of three kids who has been a Valet parker at a major hotel in Waikiki for 20 something years so he can continue to support his family, or for the farmers out in Haleiwa that sell their fresh produce in BULK to the Hotels to feed all the TOURISTS who visit these islands. I promote Hawaii because I have traveled the world, and there are many beautiful places..some that even come close to looking like Hawaii...but they will never FEEL like Hawaii. What I promote can't be bottled or bought and sold on a stock exchange..I know for a fact when people visit Hawaii...they CHANGE. Somewhere between the tradewinds, the Aloha Spirit, and a Mai Tai if they are open to it they tap into that special part of Hawaii that I am so proud of..the essence of it's people..ALOHA SPIRIT.

And if they take that essence home to their countries with them..if they are made kinder, simpler, more considerate of a person because of it...then I will continue to hand out macadamia nuts at every mall across this globe. I support Hawaii tourism because it is good for Hawaii, and good for the PEOPLE...and that's all I have to say about that.

COME TO HAWAI'I it does the mind, the body and the SPIRIT GOOD. For US ALL.


Moloka'i No Ka Oi

My Family comes from Moloka'i on my fathers side, and Maui on my I would split my summers between the two my Tutu's in Ho'olehua Moloka'i and at my Granny's outside Paia town on Maui. I have fond memories of both..but since Moloka'i is going through such a harsh wildfire battle right now I thought I'd put some positive images and memories of a simpler time and my Tutu's Homstead in Ho'olehua.

I remember camping at Mo'omomi beach, watching my Tutu and aunties wade out into the tide pools and pull up all the different kinds of seaweed from the rocks that they would eat with poi...Limu ele ele that looked like longs strands of soft hair....Limu Kohu...which looked like little soft pliable branches..I wouldn't appreciate how rare and special those delicacies were till I was much older...on rare occasions the Pantela pancake man would come by the house and make these huge pantela pancakes..which I guess in retrospect was just a big crepe..but it seemed less facy and more fortiified back them smothered with butter and guava jelly it was sooooo good. 

But nothing NOTHING topped the midnight runs to Moloka'i the side door to get fresh baked out the oven Molokai bread...sometimes baked with Guave Jam in it..or was like Christmas as a come back to camp and smell the huge pot of hot chocolate that was brewing to dip the pig peices of bread is SOOOO GOOOD. 

I tried to explain to someone what the appeal of the Molokai bread is just a big loaf of white bread but it is shaped like a okole ( or butt) and the crust is's not sour doughy- or fancy in is just Moloka'i goodness...

ahhh those were the days....