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Of all the Places..

I should probably disclose that I was born and raised in one of God's greatest places on earth...Hawaii. After traveling the globe as a former MISS UNIVERSE..and for my job on the TRAVEL CHANNEL..I can say with out a doubt that HAWAII, IS the most beautiful place on earth...WHY you ask? Doesn't a coconut tree in Singapore..look like a coconut tree in Tahiti that looks like it's on a beach in Puerto Rico?

Probably...but here's what those other places DON'T have...THE ALOHA SPIRIT. Hawaii is about so much more then the beautiful flowers, and misty waterfalls...it is about the people..the CULTURE, the pure melding of so many different ethnicities all living together, melding into a universal pot of absolute love. Love for the land, love for different cultures, respect for where those cultures came from, and an undying quest to share it with anyone who is willing to listen.

If you want to visit a beautiful vista..you can go just about anywhere, if you want to take away an EXPERIENCE of a lifetime then COME TO HAWAII and let the PEOPLE fill you with the essence of the Aloha Spirit..it will stay with you, like the fragrance of a maile lei...or a warm tradewind ..cause in HAWAII we never say good bye..just aloha oe...till we meet again. And trust me you will be back again and again and again.

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