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Moloka'i No Ka Oi

My Family comes from Moloka'i on my fathers side, and Maui on my mothers...so I would split my summers between the two islands...at my Tutu's in Ho'olehua Moloka'i and at my Granny's outside Paia town on Maui. I have fond memories of both..but since Moloka'i is going through such a harsh wildfire battle right now I thought I'd put some positive images and memories of a simpler time and place..at my Tutu's Homstead in Ho'olehua.

I remember camping at Mo'omomi beach, watching my Tutu and aunties wade out into the tide pools and pull up all the different kinds of seaweed from the rocks that they would eat with poi...Limu ele ele that looked like longs strands of soft hair....Limu Kohu...which looked like little soft pliable branches..I wouldn't appreciate how rare and special those delicacies were till I was much older...on rare occasions the Pantela pancake man would come by the house and make these huge pantela pancakes..which I guess in retrospect was just a big crepe..but it seemed less facy and more fortiified back them smothered with butter and guava jelly it was sooooo good. 

But nothing NOTHING topped the midnight runs to Moloka'i bakery...to the side door to get fresh baked out the oven Molokai bread...sometimes baked with Guave Jam in it..or cheese....it was like Christmas as a kid...to come back to camp and smell the huge pot of hot chocolate that was brewing to dip the pig peices of bread in....it is SOOOO GOOOD. 

I tried to explain to someone what the appeal of the Molokai bread was...it is just a big loaf of white bread but it is shaped like a okole ( or butt) and the crust is soft...it's not sour doughy- or fancy in anyway..it is just Moloka'i goodness...

ahhh those were the days....

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Your Molokai is on fire today....my friends are unable to go to work and the children unable to go to school...about 6000 acres so far...Auwe!!

August 31, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterRuby

I finally got to spend more than one day on Moloka'i last January when my dear friend Keani Rawlins got married there (Do you know her 'ohana?). Five days was enough to convince me ... I need to go back!! I love Moloka'i!! We totally ate Moloka'i Magic Bread place like every night!! Just thinking about it is making me salivate!! A huge group of us also spent a day hiking Halawa Valley -- that was such a trip for me because my legs are massive sick with lymphedema.

Love Maui as well ... In 2001-2002, I spent a year teaching English on Lana'i and came home speaking pidgin! Talk about a cultural shift having grown up in Denver!! I traveled most weekends to Maui or other islands. I miss all that running around now that I'm in Honolulu. Just can't afford to get away as much. Some point soon, though, I want to go to Kalaupapa. I feel called to go over there to touch the land Fr. Damian touched, even though I'm not religious, there is a huge pull to go.

Malama pono,

November 4, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterLaurie Cicotello

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